honda powersports - reimagined - honda powersports - reimagined
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Website redesign
Honda Powersports
Creative lead
User Experience
UI Design

A visual experience designed to capture all that Honda has to offer.

Honda Powersports aimed to develop a user-friendly and intuitive experience. A major obstacle Honda faced was the extensive product catalog catering to diverse user types, necessitating a complete revamp of navigation and site structure. Moreover, the website demanded various new features to meet user requirements, prompting the restructuring and redesign of product pages for a seamless user journey. To achieve these goals, I collaborated closely with stakeholders to comprehend their needs and challenges. Consequently, the revamped website yielded enhanced user engagement and significantly boosted conversions across both mobile and desktop platforms.

Honda Powersports

selling the dream

Clean, essential design gives the necessary product information more prominence and makes user workflows effortless.

a guided journey

Finding the right model is often a difficult task, especially when presented with over 70 options. To help novice riders determine the right model for them, I designed an interface to help guide them through that journey.

Make it your own

The build feature gives users the option to customize their model before requesting a quote. This gives them the ability to visualize their ideal setup within the budget they desire.